Pj vm bank, even if you had a business?

The vast majority of companies in our country were small and medium-sized enterprises. How do esk banks treat them? Give them a pension, and if so, under what conditions?


GE Money Bank

According to Eva Chaloupkov, products for small and medium-sized companies are one of GE Money Bank’s priorities. vr Universal Business is intended for entrepreneurs who have submitted at least one tax return for at least 6 months of business history. For specific professions (doctors, dentists, veterinarians, lawyers and notaries), GE Money Bank also finances clients who are just starting out in business.

In addition, companies with a business history of less than two years can acquire Universal Business for easier conditions. Universal Business is provided up to 5 million crowns with a maturity of 20 years. The property is secured and reaches 70% of the value of the secured property. In the autumn, GE Money Bank saw a new saw with mercenaries for hire lawyers, notebooks, pharmacists, dentists and veterinarians. With vry ​​Legal Business and Medical Business recipients zskv and 500 000 K to the next day. At the same time, the bank does not require a day certificate and a civil certificate and a professional certificate or certificate for approval.

The first starting entrepreneur also gives me data. In case of over one million K, the tenant must ruin the property. The beginning entrepreneur is thus assigned to Expres Business, not to mention, in which case the entrepreneur does not have to prove how he wants to get his pension. Enough business and its processing is free. The entrepreneur must do business for at least a year in order to obtain at least one tax return among the conditions for the assignment of the company.

GE Money Bank provides Expres Business in the amount of 40,000 and 1,000,000 K. It is convenient that a natural person-entrepreneur in the case of up to 200,000 K does not have to provide the bank daily (in the case of over 200,000 is accepted as a bill of exchange, the first person is pedkldaj vdy). therefore, the applicant does not need to ensure shnt e.g. real estate, guarantors or other movable property. The entrepreneur can choose the maturity period from 24 to 60 msc.

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ivnostensk bank

ivnostensk banka is responding to entrepreneurs and small businesses with the offer of Investinho vr XL, with one of the lowest rates on the market of 7.5 percent, depending on the business risk assessment. In addition, the rate is unchanged throughout the period and fulfilled. It is up to one million K in the heat and is not necessarily massive, but only blank.

The maturity is ten years. A great advantage is also the simplification of the design itself. All you have to do is submit the original or a certified copy of the trade license or entry from the Commercial Register and, in the case of a company starting a business agreement, a statement of financial flows, current financial statements and any financial statements / tax returns for the last year, if the company was established in the previous period.

In the case of Investinho vru XXL, it is possible to draw up to 15 million K, there is a necessarily massive heat. In addition, the Free Bank offers the Professional Menu banking services package to clients from a number of free licenses, within which they have up to 200,000 K available at any time. .

In addition, the bank offers a favorable annual rate individually set for each client. An applicant for obtaining a suitable bank package can be a natural person doing business in any EU member state. These are, for example, lawyers, lawyers, tax advisors, notes, bailiffs, architects, auditors, etc.


The investor had the answer to the idea of ​​easy access of small companies to finance. It is intended for the financing of small investment needs of companies with a turnover of up to 300 million crowns, which have been operating on the market for at least two years. vr is mainly used for the construction, modernization and repair of movitch vc and for the construction, purchase and repair of real estate. Vi vru, which is a person with a maximum maturity of ten years, can be arranged up to t million crowns. For this vr, however, is necessary. Either through a blank, ruenm tet person or real estate.

What will you be able to do?

Komern bank

According to the mesec.cz server, Komern banka offers Profi vr small entrepreneurs what a short-term or medium-term product is intended for financing both personal and short-term receivables, as well as tangible fixed assets or operational needs. vr is usually used to pmmu paid by the supplier for the deposit pedloench document.

If it cannot be used in this way, the client will be transferred and the situation will be verified later. However, the investment needs are always financed on the basis of a pedloench document. Securing loans up to one million crowns works with the help of a blank, in other cases, the use of classic instruments is important.)

However, the bank declares that it is a product specially prepared for small and medium-sized businesses and that its advantage is to shorten and simplify the approval process, for obtaining finance it is necessary to submit a number of documents. For example, current documents, correcting the business, including the debit, including the tax return and first the auditor, the current balance sheet and profit and loss statement, a copy of the income tax return, a statement of ownership of property and bonds, etc.

As an opportunity to earn more money on the basis of one-year contract, KB offers to invest in korunch and foreign currency. The conditions are similar to those of Profi vru.


The products for eBanka’s small businesses are called Provozn and Investin MiniKredit. The scope of the Operating MiniCredit in the amount of 50 and 500,000 crowns will be obtained by a small entrepreneur for a period of 12 months with the possibility of renewal and its necessary assets are not necessary. His investin variant is the so-called

Fulfilled Minicredit, which can finance supplies, machines and equipment or operational needs (such as repairs) without the need for a grant. These two products can be combined, with the proviso that the sum of the two rmc layers must not exceed 500,000 crowns.

For small and medium-sized companies, both previous products are modified, especially in terms of maximum drainage. With the Operating MiniKredit, you can get a loan of one million to heal a temporary shortage of cash.

The same conditions apply to Revolving MiniKredit, which has problems with financial receivables. These are also a means of captivity. Real estate and from a million and over are required for the Splcen MiniKredit for SMEs.