Proponents of basic income often oppose equal rights for immigrants

The core idea of ​​the basic income is that it should be a payment without consideration. However, a study now shows that many supporters of the concept disagree.

Many proponents of basic income want immigrants to “work at least a year” before they can receive it.

VMany proponents of an unconditional basic income do not want immigrants to have the same access to social benefits as natives. This is the result of a study by the Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft (IW) Cologne, which was published on Wednesday. On average, 42.4 percent of European supporters of basic income wanted to grant immigrants the same rights to social benefits “after they have worked and paid taxes for at least a year,” said the IW after evaluating surveys in 20 European countries.

“The preference seems paradoxical, since independence from employment history is an essential criterion in the context of the basic income debate,” the researchers judged. According to this, 27.4 percent of the supporters of basic income surveyed want to give immigrants access to the welfare state only after they have been naturalized. “Another 7.7 percent of proponents of an egalitarian basic income come out as extreme welfare chauvinists who never want to grant immigrants the same rights to social benefits,” said the IW.

The researchers had evaluated survey data from the European Social Survey (ESS) 2016. This is a survey that is organized every two years in numerous countries as part of a European research cooperation.

According to this, in most of the 20 countries considered there is a majority in favor of a basic income that should be paid out regardless of whether someone works or not.

In Germany, 46 percent supported such a concept. More than 50 percent of those questioned are of the opinion that immigrants should only have full access to the welfare state after one year of working and paying taxes. Almost 24 percent think this should only be the case after naturalization, and two percent would never want to be granted equal access to social benefits.