Quite simply on the stock exchange

Many Germans complain about the zero interest on their savings. With the help of ETFs, you can easily achieve a higher return, you don’t have to fear a total loss. That is how it goes.

The hurdles to invest in stocks are lower than ever.

HIf only we had the courage once. Let’s assume that a year ago we wouldn’t have been deterred by the fact that stock markets around the world had tumbled. Let’s assume that we scraped together all of our savings on January 1, 2019 and – let’s say – invested 100,000 euros in the Dax. In view of an increase in value of a good 26 percent to date, we could have given our loved ones a neat new car for Christmas. Unfortunately we didn’t do it, the money has gone somewhere without interest in overnight money accounts and savings books, and the Christmas presents have to be financed somehow from the usual cash flow.

Sure, you’ll be smarter afterwards. And what happened yesterday is nowhere more important than on the stock exchange. And yet what the German chief strategist of the asset manager Blackrock, Martin Lück, recently said in the FAZ: “If you don’t want to be among the losers, you should switch to the winners.” It became very clear that real assets such as stocks benefit, simply because investors lack profitable alternatives. So: “Instead of crying, people should invest more intelligently,” as Lück said.