Reform day is here!

Last week, MEPs approved a reform of public finances. And the people began to think: will it really be suitable for me? The answer is Alamounsk. In fact, the money in your money sp pid.

Overall, the changes will be reflected in the system of social and hospital doors, bring new fees and changes in the price of some goods and services. If you are specifically poor or rich, it is not easy. You have to stumble and think about your shopping habits.

Vtina people on the edges, the average in minusDuring the pre-amendment, the government promised that no one would give you money. And she kept her word. But it is necessary to realize that, for example, a hunter with an average salary of 20,500 crowns will pay only twenty crowns on the income tax day. When the only one goes to the bar, pay a fee of tens of crowns and the rust is in the red. And you don’t even have to get a dn recipe.

Don’t talk about the fact that the new value added value increases the price of energy, water, tickets, tickets and, last but not least, food. And twenty crowns of tax disputes is not a large reserve for external data. Analysts predict that most people spend on expensive goods and services in addition to 80 and 150 crowns per month. Also, the fears of people with average incomes are affected in the given accounts only a little, the data will increase by vc.

Even people with a good salary can get upset Do you have 55,000 crowns written on your dog? You are probably still calm on taxes, you should spend over 1900 crowns a month, so the reform of worries did not last. Even so, it happens that you are financially offended. It will happen to those people who apply for a tax rebate because they will pay their mortgage, including a building society or pay their pension and life insurance salary. Those who pay the highest tax rate of 32 percent today can now pay 103,6 crowns on rents.

With darkness, the bag is over. Even if you have the same income, the mortgage and insurance will only cost you 48,600 crowns. For? On the left, this is taken away from the day. And it will have only one new psnctiproce ntn. The result is paradoxical: Pay less tax, but because you will have no tax disputes, we may leave the price for a prize more than today.

Who spent the reforms?a hunter with a very low salary and two children can get enough in the new conditions. It is mainly due to you tax rebates for him and children. Msn will get his penny a thousand crowns. For some it was not very high, in a particular family the bag is a fairly substantial income. For a modest family, this means a weekly meal and a train ticket.

On the other side of the payroll are people with high salaries. The main employees, who have 80 thousand and more for a paid dog. In addition to lower tax rates, they will have to pay one social and health insurance benefit to pay a maximum of 10 thousand crowns per month. And so far, the insurance premium for employees was not limited and could pay much in the same way. And to go one group of people will bring the reform of the benefits of retirees who brew themselves, they can force a discount of 25 thousand on the fee, which two would not be about mon. So a total of 25 thousand. Infants who do not work can spend a maximum of the promised valorization of 500 crowns.

When the changes come on the dog you will see changes since the meeting of 2008 January payment will include a data on the so-called super-gross wage – this is the gross wage, including social and health insurance, which is paid by the employer for all salaries, if you pay the tax yourself, you will change it in the spring of 2009

What can you do now? reform ru spolen zdann, for this year will be able to manel with children go danit spolen tax returns will be available in 2008, but will cover revenue in 2007, and thus the reform will not be subject to