Retired Police Dog Burst Into Tears When He Met His Previous Manager

She also misses her manager.

Eight-year-old German guard Wangwang relinquished the police division in 2019, yet she still remembers her service.
Wangwang is getting older as well as older, but she will never forget this manager!

Wangwang previously operated at the Xichuan Cops Division as a sniffer dog at safety and security checkpoints in main China’s Henan province, the Daily Celebrity reported.

After retiring, Wangwang was embraced into a new residence, but that indicated the pet needed to bid farewell to her handler.

“Police pets are typically well fed at the training facility, however when our police officers are unable to take the time to play or work out with the rested dogs,” Xichuan authorities said. When we retire, we need to discover them a new residence.

When Wangwang was rejoined with his former supervisor, the pet fell down and also wept.
Xichuan cops shared a video clip of the get-together on Douyin, a Chinese social networks platform like TikTok.

In the video, Wangwang runs up to her previous manager as well as quickly rolls over on her back delighting in some pleasant belly rubs. At the same time, Wangwang’s eyes loaded with splits.

“The dog is getting better. Canines are truly loyal companions, treat her well!’ commented one reader.

“Wangwang’s hair has actually turned white but she is well fed, she is putting on weight,” the post reviews.

“You can inform how much Wangwang misses her supervisor. You can comprehend when the canine’s stomach expands,” another wrote.

Have a look at Wangwang’s tearful get-together in the video below.

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