She didn’t want to queue for social doors, so she started a business

Her professional career prematurely ended her illness. She didn’t laugh at the fact that she should sit at home and also needed at least a little beer for her disability pension. When she found out that no one would be hired by a disabled pensioner, she started a business on her own. And about her knitted coca and decoration is an impression.

Andrea Lampartov was clear about her leave quite early. When she was about ten years old, her vagrant took pictures of her and she was thrilled. And so the field of photography in Ostrava was clearly a choice. She took pictures on the bike. Weddings, copper shows and various events that took place in the city. She also collaborated with regional newspapers. She became ill at the age of thirty.

Thirty vm lkai were diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, how was m?I didn’t get much involved, and I probably didn’t even run out of a diagnosis. I was afraid that I underwent a biological lbe, which helped me a lot. Then the doctors told me that this disease is actually for life. There were times when I collapsed, but I had a son in the first td, so I wouldn’t give up the furnace just for him. My family, husband, mother and sister helped me a lot. Nobody regretted it and I needed it because I don’t know the regret. For a long time I was convinced that I would be at work again at prsc.

But you didn’t get back to work.No, it didn’t work, I was employed in a printer at the time and all the paints and chemicals, I couldn’t work in that environment. And that was the worst for me. that I drank about a job that was the end for me. It was the hard work that was seen behind me and when the customer drank and said yes, I like your work, I’m satisfied, I need it. In addition, I had a great fa, he even wanted to add me. And she had to honor him, I wouldn’t get to work.

You got a disability pension.So you know that was a problem for me? When they told me I was entitled to a full disability pension, I was upset, I didn’t even want to hear about it. It took you years, I didn’t realize it would be necessary. I take eleven thousand, but if I lived alone, I would be recorded. That would be the first and I don’t know from him and how I would go.

You could ask for social doors.I would have to be ashamed of that. Sociln dvky, that’s really against my fur, I’d never be there. I had a beer for a few years, only when the company grew in Frdek-Mstek, I was not able to come every day, also our cooperation ended. So I was looking for another job.

How did it end up?patn. My original death was definitely not sitting at home, she wanted to go to work. It is enough that mon is true. J sent out hundreds of resumes. I have a high school diploma and practice in advertising and marketing, I am also convinced that I have something to offer. I just need a short workload and unfortunately the employer has to deal with the fact that I will sometimes call myself that I am not able to get to work. He feels that the employer has prejudices, and when he finds out that you are a disabled pensioner, he is afraid.

Today you have your e-shop. How did it actually start and how did the felt coca come to mind?It started years ago and I just took it as a hobby. Although not even from the arrest itself. If you saw my first coke, these strange kiva series, which ended up in koi. And then go a few beyond nm. At first I calmed down, it’s nothing for me. But I’m a hunter who won’t give up, so I tried again and again. Then one horse succeeded and then he gave. My mother-in-law was mad, she took them to work once and then called out: Take some pepper and fat and pi, mm orders for you. Well, my neighbor, she changed her friend and she also had her first brushes.

And when was the e-shop created?I have been selling something for about two years. as long as it took, for two years it was intensive work to just teach you all the techniques. When I was sure that I definitely didn’t have to be ashamed of my products and that I was happy with the customers, in the neighboring village, in Petkovice, there was a market outside and she wanted to offer things there. But I had to be officially allowed to do that, and I was a little happy about that.

eho are you blah?When I start a business, they take away my income, on which I only increased the furnace financially. So I immediately went to the ad, and gave me advice. They assured me that he would do business, so the moment was decided and I said to myself, I’m going for it. Going on that day, I issued a trade license, my son created a website for me and started an official business and work.

Is it also convenient in that your business did not need an initial investment?Investments are minimal. The premises have their own, I buy colors and pop somehow decorations, but the basic material for production is pepper. I don’t buy it in stores, I just had to find my own supplier. The best is the range of newspapers, which can be rolled up into roulette, the first classic title Mlad fronta is unrivaled (laughter).

When I first saw the catalog of your products, I was convinced that they were made of rods.You are not alone. See, here’s a mm on the kitchen counter. You’re right, it looks like a cane, but it’s a ray. At the same time, the durability will definitely be the same. In addition, it is environmentally friendly. By the way, I often inspire and motivate customers. The first step in storing onions is the case of one customer. J just made it up and made it.

How much do you spend on msn?There are months when I issue a thousand, then nothing at all, and then in the next month I issue eight, nine thousand. This business is not for the living, but as a supplement to retirement it is great. Navc m bav. It’s a colorful, don’t fall under one thing around. I will wash new things and new patterns, keeping it dark so that the products are not only beautiful, but also functional and practical.

How full are you in the future? I don’t want to let it go. After all, my business basically turned out to be its own. I don’t break it with the fact that there will be a million (smch) in my flight. I’m glad there’s something to see. And when someone tells me that he was excited about my product, it is the greatest reward for me and it really suits me. Of course, we can’t sell, but if you sell a cake for a hundred crowns or for two hundred, it doesn’t matter.