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Have you concluded a contract with a insurance company and would you like to pay tax? If you have a single life insurance, it is possible. Of course, you have to meet certain conditions.

Sta je dodret and you can say that one is 3840 crowns. You can dream of a tax base for as much as 12,000 crowns, and then you can only dream of what tax dog you are in. You can learn to go once, when you also sweat through the pension connection. Daov leva is an employee and businessman.

Podmnky uplatnn odpotu

Pension pipojitn

All supplementary pension contracts are concluded for at least 60 years of age of the client and must last at least five years. This fulfills the conditions for the use of tax levies and can be applied by each client of the pension fund. Because the first 500 crowns less is preferentially reduced by the support, the left tax is applied to the deviation. The maximum deduction from the tax base will be 12,000 crowns per year and the client will pay 1500 crowns per month.

ivotn pojitn

Life fuses are plate types, but tax levies apply only to some of them. As with the pension connection, the state wants to support savings on st. The conditions correspond to this. In the first place, the insurance must be arranged for at least 60 years of age of the client and must last for at least five years. Finann adviser Tom Kuera gives an example: If a client who has taken out insurance at the age of 58 wants to
tax base, will have to be insured for at least 63 years.

A fuse with a fixed fuse in case of life has a condition: the fuse must reach a certain minimum. For contracts with a duration of up to 15 years at least 40,000 crowns, over 15 years at least 70,000 crowns. Arranging a insurance premium for a long time is not necessary for some tax-recognized types of insurance, it can do without investment and flexible life insurance. Tax levies for life insurance only apply to payments for basic life insurance. Various supplementary insurance, incapacity for work, disability and similar salary of the client without the right to a tax deduction.

For example, Mr. Supplementary insurance will pay the insurance company from the total premium paid, and will send a confirmation of tax deductible payments. In total, Mr. Da sn daov has a deposit of (12 msc x 1000 crowns) (12 msc x 360 crowns) = 7680 crowns.

I want a deduction and I don’t have a contract…

Uette even if you decide to act at the end of the year. contract and pay the year. This is also the way to them. Lpe Eeno in November. The validity of life insurance and supplementary pension insurance contracts begins on the first day of the month following the signing of the contract. So that the contract is valid in December and you are
to pay the contribution, you must arrange it in November.

With the pension connection, it is not a problem to pay at once, the client must arrange the life insurance with a single payment. If you want to pay msn, you will agree with the insurance company next year on a change of installments. I paid a small amount. If he wants to dream of the tax on the maximum amount of money, he will only succeed with the pension connection, so he will make an extraordinary payment. Either it is agreed directly in the contract that the pension sent at the end of the year is included as an extraordinary insurance policy, or the pension fund is informed about the sending of payments. Information about extraordinary payments is not for clients at all, with our pension fund it is when the client provides information by e-mail to the Generali Veronika Hybov fund.

Clients have life in a higher situation. According to Jan Kbrt from the Czech Insurance Association, it is not possible to include extraordinary insurance premiums in the tax advantage, it is necessary to increase the insurance premium (and later, if necessary, to dream), which is only possible for some types of insurance policies. Clients will find out the details in the insurance conditions of the specific contract, add Jan Kbrt.

The time suitable for concluding compulsory liability for five years is bl. Which insurance company would be most suitable for vs?

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