Stay in Japan’s mini hotel rooms

No window, no bathroom, but free beer and an unusual experience: the room in the “Millennials Shibuya” hotel in Tokyo is barely as wide as the bed. Who likes that?

There is no bathroom in the capsule hotel, but it is nice and cozy.

AFalling out of bed is impossible. At 1.20 meters, the room is just as wide as the bed in “Millennials Shibuya”, a capsule hotel in the Japanese capital of Tokyo. Tokyo’s newest “luxury capsule hotel” makes up for the lack of space, a private bathroom or window with free beer.

The hotel offers its guests free beer for an hour in the evenings. With beer prices of around 6 euros a glass in the surrounding cafés, this is a popular offer. Incidentally, there is free coffee around the clock. Price-conscious travelers in Japan are increasingly staying in such capsule hotels. As the name suggests, you sleep in windowless capsules. The hotels often offer modern common rooms, air conditioning or restaurants.

The first capsule hotels mostly opened near bars and train stations and were used by employees or business people who missed the last train home. These hotels are far less fancy than the luxury capsules. These are aimed primarily at foreign guests who want to have this “weird Japan experience” themselves, as millennials Shibuya advertises on its website. With prices starting at around 55 euros per capsule per night, the extra comfort also costs significantly more than other capsule hotels.