Stolen Canine Found 600 Miles Away Years After Disappearing

A Texas household got information that their beloved stolen German Shepard, Sheba, had actually lain 600 miles away, 5 years after her preliminary loss.
The reunion comes with a time when dognapping goes to an all-time high in the United States.
Time for a bathroom. Your pet is smelly!
The Reunion
As years as well as years passed without Sheba, the Malmstrom family had actually almost surrendered on discovering their puppy. That is, up until they got a call from Animal Control police officer Jared Harper.
” My first thought was, ok, ya right, let me presume, I won a cruise and also a million dollars likewise!” Stephanie Malmstrom, Sheba’s mommy, created on the Conserving Sheba Facebook page.
Harper, that located Sheba in Borger, Texas, informed the Malmstrom’s that he knew she was also friendly to be a stray. A silicon chip search led him to uncover Sheba’s identity as well as her initial home of Coastline City, Texas.
The Malmstrom’s increased Sheba there from the moment she was eight months old up until her burglary. Safety video footage revealed thieves coaxing Sheba right into a cars and truck from her yard while the Malmstrom’s were having dinner at a neighbor’s home.
Keeping Your Pet Safe
However, Sheba’s tale is not the norm for stolen pups– particularly for those taken 600 miles far from their residences. According to the AKC, just ten percent of stolen pet dogs return back to their original families. Thankfully, Sheba has an integrated circuit. Without it, the Malmstrom’s get-together with their pup would have never occurred.
Keeping your pet safe is as easy as ensuring their integrated circuit connects them to your address and also telephone number. For even more suggestions on preventing canine burglary, have a look at our write-up on the topic here.

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