Tenants can reclaim commission from the broker

Brokers often broker their properties via internet portals. Anyone who has used immobilienscout24 for this can get money back from the broker – despite the service provided. A guest post.

The brokerage of a property can now become a risk for many users of the immobilienscout24.de site.

DThe Higher Regional Court of Naumburg passed a judgment in June that will please consumers and annoy brokers: The cancellation policy for the brokerage contract contained in the confirmation email from immobilienscout24.de does not meet the legal requirements and is therefore inadequate. The consequence of this inadequate cancellation policy is that the brokerage contract can be canceled by consumers within a period of twelve months and fourteen days from the conclusion of the contract.

Many brokerage contracts come about when brokers place advertisements on real estate portals such as immobilienscout24.de or immowelt.de and then a brokerage contract is concluded. Prospective buyers report, for example, to an advertisement or other services of a broker, such as an exposé or a viewing appointment. Since June 2014, brokerage agreements have also been subject to the right of withdrawal if they are concluded between an entrepreneur and a consumer by telephone, email, letter, fax or via the website. If and to the extent that a prospective buyer reports on an advertisement placed on the Internet, the real estate portal will send an automatic cancellation policy – if requested by the broker.