Thanks to the crisis mm more work, but do not know for how long, to the first

Lawyers Zdeka Beranov has not been affected by the crisis yet. Sp the other way around. “It simply came to my notice then. Firstly, ex officio representation, and also the running of more people who need advice when an employer fires them or wants to pay them only 60 percent of their salary, ”said the 22-year-old freshman, who owns a small law firm in Prague.

Zdeka Beranov lives in a family house in Stranice, is divorced and her 15-year-old son is studying at a high school for eight years. Although the financial crisis has not yet affected him, the future is not optimistic. “It simply came to our notice then. Clients don’t have to give me a job, ”to Beranov.

Despite its strong specialization and first aid, it provides both in business, civil and criminal proceedings, and admits it, especially in business first. And according to Beranov, the first business elements of the crisis will hit the hardest. “Businesses are not involved in various forms of acquisitions and large law firms, they will switch to the business first, they will start to fail,” says Beranov.

According to them, it is probable that companies will lose their jobs first, because companies pay to hire them externally. Law firms will also have to say goodbye to three small levels from large companies.

Will it be paid?

In his legal practice, Beranov sees the following risk: even if there are more clients who want employment advice, if they lose their job definitively, they will not have to pay. “On the other hand, I have a dispute, I act as an arbitrator in them. The people were long satisfied with half the receivables, so they try to settle the dispute by agreement, instead of taking him to court. I work as an insolvency administrator and know how to do it on a private bike, ”describes the lawyer.

I would change the exchange

And did Zdeka Beranov think about what she would do if the crisis hit her so much that she would have to stop working with a private lawyer? “It would be tk. I have been a freelance lawyer at the age of 15. But if it weren’t for the rest, I’d try to find something with the police. There under shnj people who do the punishment first, or I would start to do more, “said the lawyer about the emergency eench crack. The priority for her would be to ensure quality education for her son. “I would be more modest myself, the first thing would be a car,” says Mr. Zdeka about the crisis scene.

According to Martin Vosecký from the CATRO staff, Zdeka Beranov has special conditions for the day. I have no employees, no great costs, the people need it. It also focuses on getting in the whole “big” first, also the potential decline in demand in the area of ​​business first is sure to replace the first citizen. That mon will be needed, and you will once be a businessman started to start and divorce.

“Well, in times of crisis they have had little and more time, not too much and dearness. Mr. Beranov also has the advantage that a lot of art is adaptable, or adaptable, ”adds Martin Voseck.