The bridge wonder of Genoa

It took Italy less than two years to replace the collapsed motorway bridge with a new one. Not only the Prime Minister speaks of a showcase project. These are actually in short supply in Italy.

The newly built bridge over the Italian city of Genoa in July 2020

KCan Genoa still become a model of success for Italy’s future after the disaster of the collapsed motorway bridge? Genoa is a glimmer of hope for the whole country, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said a few weeks ago when he visited the bridge construction site. “This is the building project of an Italy that gets up again, rolls up its sleeves and doesn’t let itself get down.” Correspondingly patriotic rhetoric can be expected at the inauguration of the rebuilt bridge next Monday. After all, Genoa has succeeded in what nobody would have expected the Italians to do: the new bridge will be opened to public transport shortly before the second anniversary of the collapse, which occurred on August 14, 2018.

The effective construction time for the 1067 meter long bridge with 18 pillars and a total of 1500 meters in height was even less than 18 months. Because initially months passed with the preservation of evidence on behalf of the public prosecutor, who wants to bring those responsible for the collapse and the 43 deaths to trial. It was not until February 7, 2019 that the old bridge remnants could be started to be removed and blown up. And the construction site could not be set up until March 22, 2019.