In a world filled with heartwarming tales of resilience and hope, the story of Woody, a dog with a unique face, tugs at our heartstrings. This article will take you on a journey through Woody’s life, from a challenging start to finding his forever home.

A Rough Beginning Woody’s story begins with a traumatic incident when he was just five weeks old. He was attacked by another dog and left to heal on his own without proper veterinary care. This ordeal left him with a distinctive, curved face that sets him apart.

A Compassionate Community Despite the odds stacked against him, Woody survived. He spent six weeks alone, relying on the kindness of compassionate neighbors who provided him with food. It was during this time that the team at SNARR Animal Rescue discovered him and stepped in to change his life forever.

SNARR to the Rescue SNARR Animal Rescue rescued Woody from a dire situation. The previous owner had moved away, callously leaving Woody behind. SNARR, with their mission to provide love and care to animals in need, chose to remove him from this loveless environment.

Embracing Uniqueness Woody’s distorted face may set him apart from other dogs, but it only endeared him more to his rescuers. They saw past his appearance and discovered the true heart of a Pit Bull. Despite his initial hardships, Woody had a loving and affectionate personality.

A Special Bond When Woody arrived at his foster home, he quickly formed a special bond with his adoptive mother, Jamie Bond. Even during her illness, Woody stayed by her side, providing comfort and companionship. He became her shadow, ensuring her safety and well-being.

Woody’s Transformation Now at 8 months old, Woody is a vibrant and loving dog, making up for the lost time during his challenging early days. His unique appearance is a testament to his resilience, and it only adds to his charm.

Seeking the Perfect Home SNARR Animal Rescue is determined to find Woody the loving and understanding home he deserves. They know that he requires a little extra love and attention but believe that he’s worth every bit of it. Woody’s ideal home should be free of cats, as he has a penchant for chasing them. He would thrive best in a household with female dogs and older dogs.

How to Adopt Woody For those interested in giving Woody the forever home he longs for, you can apply on the SNARR Northwest website. The process is designed to ensure that Woody finds the perfect match, as he truly deserves.

Heartwarming Update We have heartwarming news to share about Woody. After months of searching for a loving home, Woody has finally found one. SNARR is delighted to announce that he is now in the loving embrace of a new family, surrounded by friends who cherish him.

Woody’s journey is a testament to the resilience and capacity for love that animals possess. Despite a difficult start, Woody’s story reminds us of the power of compassion and the ability to overcome adversity.


  1. What happened to Woody’s face? Woody’s face was distorted due to a dog attack when he was just five weeks old.
  2. Can Woody be adopted by anyone? SNARR Animal Rescue carefully considers potential adopters to ensure Woody finds the best home possible.
  3. Is Woody good with other animals? Woody should be in a home without cats and preferably with female dogs and older dogs.
  4. Is Woody good with children? Yes, Woody is fine with children.
  5. Where can I apply to adopt Woody? You can apply on the SNARR Northwest website to give Woody a loving home.

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