The family has its price

Financial dependency often increases with household size – and interest in one’s own financial affairs decreases.

Future planning: Families with many children are often financially dependent.

AThe way people deal with finance has many reasons. Often aspects such as family background, friends, education and, of course, the level of the salary are important. Women often behave differently than men. Age can also play a major role, as can the living environment. It is well known, for example, that women are generally less willing to take risks, especially when it comes to financial matters. Many analyzes prove this.

In a representative survey, Postbank has now found that, despite all the differences, women should not necessarily be informed and advised differently. At least that’s what more than half of German citizens say on average. Conversely, around 45 percent believe that special financial advice is necessary. This results in regional differences. While only 30 percent of respondents in the east of the republic state that women need to be advised differently, 48 percent in the west say so. More women are also pleading for information and advice that is tailored to their needs. 49 percent of the female respondents said this, and 40 percent of the male respondents. The younger the respondents, the more likely they are to find special offers superfluous.