The financial excerpt from the praised house

Home Sweet Home? Anyone who receives a tight pension at the end of their life but owns a large house can turn it into money – without having to move out. Our financial expert reveals how to do it.

Roak owners, poor pensioners! I am sure you can guess what the hour has come. Exactly! We need to talk about owning large homes and receiving small pensions, and the question is how do you end this “misery”. In short: it is about considering how you can sell your own home without having to move out of paradise. If you are lucky enough to get high pensions, please don’t put the newspaper aside. I have valuable information for you too, especially if you want to hunt down unloved heirs from the court.

Let’s jump into the first case. The protagonist is 70 years old and her husband is three months younger. The couple live in a debt-free house that belongs to the woman and whose value has climbed to one million euros over the past few years because it is located in the suburb of Munich. Unfortunately, the man’s pensions have not increased by the same amount. The salary is 3000 euros per month, and that is not enough for the elderly because life in the nearby state capital is expensive. The two Fourty-Niner need at least 5000 euros a month, but where to get them if not steal or sell? How can the house be monetized without having to move out of the property? This is what tens of thousands of homeowners are concerned with, and I am sure that this question will concern many millions in the future, because the slow deleveraging of owner-occupied real estate and the timely accumulation of free assets in many households are mean disasters.