The pitfalls of the electric boom

SUVs are the secret beneficiaries of the eco-premium. The Greens are talking about state-subsidized climate fraud. It cannot go on like this, even says Minister Scheuer.

Some see red in an electric car.

EElectric cars are on the rise, everyone is cheering at the moment. Finally !, that’s the sigh of all those who can’t get it done quickly enough to say goodbye to the internal combustion engine. The whole thing is accentuated with steep curves, which indicate their growing popularity: record after record, the proportion of electrified new car purchases is constantly climbing. “The willingness to switch to electric cars is much higher than it was a year ago,” rejoices Uwe Hochgeschurtz, head of Renault Germany, who with his Zoe tops the hit list of the best-selling all-electric cars: “We are number one.” In September he sold 3,600 Zoe, now the little Frenchman is about to jump into the top ten in the overall statistics of the best-selling private cars: “If someone had predicted that a year ago, he would have been declared crazy.”

Most managers are good at praising their own product, but the Renault boss is also honest enough to acknowledge that the boost is not just on his own account: “The state bonus is an important reason, but not the only one . “In the case of the Zoe, there is a € 10,000 discount, making the small car significantly more than a third cheaper. Two thirds of the premium is paid by the state, one third by the manufacturer (in the case of Renault, there is an extra € 1,000 bonus). That is the rule – and at the same time an indication of the number one blemish of the beautiful boom: e-mobility is being massively pushed by taxpayers.