The Story of pelanka’s Rescue and Adoption: When Cyclists Cross Paths with a Homeless Dog

In the midst of their quarantine in April of this year, Ladislau Alcântara and Rosilene Jansen embarked on a bicycle ride, unaware that this simple excursion would have a profound impact on their lives. Little did they know that a chance encounter with a homeless dog would lead to a heartwarming story of companionship and love.

In a time when the world was facing the challenges of a pandemic, Ladislau and Rosilene decided to take a break from their quarantine routine and set out on a bicycle ride. Little did they know that their compassionate hearts would lead them to an extraordinary connection with a four-legged friend.

The Unexpected Encounter

As Ladislau and Rosilene pedaled along, the scorching sun compelled them to cut their ride short and head back home. However, fate had a different plan for them. Along the road, they stumbled upon a small dog standing alone, seemingly lost or abandoned. The sight tugged at their hearts, and they couldn’t just pass by without offering help.

Approaching the dog cautiously, Rosilene reached into their backpack and offered the hungry canine a piece of bread. The little dog, a starving brown dachshund, accepted the gesture gratefully. It was as if he knew that these kind-hearted cyclists could provide the assistance he desperately needed.

A Determined Rescue

Concerned about leaving the dog behind, Rosilene felt an overwhelming urge to help him. However, they still had a long way to go—approximately 40 kilometers (25 miles)—before reaching home. Undeterred by the distance and driven by compassion, Ladislau made a selfless decision. He removed his hydration pack, carefully placed the little pup inside, and carried him along for the journey.

A Journey Home

As Ladislau and Rosilene resumed their ride with their unexpected passenger, they faced physical and emotional challenges. Every mile felt like an eternity, but their determination to provide a better life for the abandoned dog pushed them forward. They took brief breaks to rest, never losing sight of their goal.

Finally arriving home after a few hours, Ladislau and Rosilene wasted no time in attending to the dog’s needs. They washed him, offered him fresh water, and provided a nourishing meal. Overwhelmed by the bond they had formed during their journey, they made a heartfelt decision to adopt the abandoned dog and welcomed him into their lives.

Inseparable Companions

The dog, named Rotivi by Ladislau and pelanka by Rosilene, quickly became an integral part of their lives. The three became inseparable, forging a deep and unbreakable connection. Rotivi, now a healthy and contented dog, accompanies his human companions on their bike rides, finding joy in the simple pleasures of life.

Despite the initial hardships and uncertainties, pelanka thrived under the care of Ladislau and Rosilene. He overcame health issues, gained weight, and radiated happiness. pelanka’s resilience and unwavering spirit inspired his adoptive family to overcome challenges in their own lives.

Rosilene expresses her profound affection for pelanka, stating that he is constantly by their side and has become their faithful companion. Regardless of his size, pelanka fearlessly embraces the world, knowing that he is protected and loved unconditionally by his adoptive family.

What began as a chance encounter on a cycling trip turned into a heartwarming tale of compassion, resilience, and love. Ladislau and Rosilene’s decision to rescue and adopt pelanka brought immeasurable joy to their lives. Their story serves as a reminder of the profound impact we can have when we open our hearts to those in need.


1. How did Ladislau and Rosilene come across the homeless dog? Ladislau and Rosilene encountered the dog while cycling on a road during their quarantine.

2. What did the cyclists do to help the dog? The cyclists offered the hungry dog a piece of bread and eventually decided to rescue and adopt him.

3. How did they manage to bring the dog home on their bicycles? Ladislau took off his hydration pack, placed the dog inside, and carried him during their journey home.

4. What challenges did Ladislau and Rosilene face during the ride? They encountered physical and emotional challenges, but their determination to help the dog kept them going.

5. How has pelanka’s life transformed after being adopted? pelanka has overcome health difficulties, gained weight, and now enjoys a loving and adventurous life with his adoptive family.

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