The temporary repayment of the debt in the bank will cost me thousands of crowns

If you do not have virtually any pension of your own and refuse to put your needs on indefinite end, you will probably look after it. During the fulfillment of the bag, a situation may arise where you will want to get rid of your debt as soon as possible. So you will make an extraordinary payment and no one will punish anyone for it.

It is better to report two extraordinary payments to the bank

If you decide to repay your debt in two, not as agreed in writing, you will not forget to notify your mind to the bank. Most of the time, you get information that vr can be paid at any time, but even this does not apply without exception.

For example, clients of Komern banka and LBBW must report an extraordinary repayment of consumer money 30 days in advance. GE Money Bank will point out the need to submit an approval of an extraordinary installment in its tariff. On the contrary, in mBank, even in the Czech savings bank, do not require an advance at all.

Fees for early repayment are slowly disappearing

When you look in one of the bank prices, you will find that only a few hundred items are touched by consumers. In addition to the fees for the acquisition of the heat (ie the support and preparation of the contractual documentation), you will find here the prices for the maintenance of the balance, as well as the change of the contractual documentation. In the end, there is no shortage, there would be a significant decrease, and sanctions for early repayment of the consumer.

Fees for extraordinary installments incl
Bank vr Charge

Personal pjka

Cunning drink on cards

free of charge

550 crowns

esk spoitelna Spotebitelsk a
cash vry
4 % z ve mimodn spltky, min. 500, max. 5 000 korun*
UNDER Spotlight free 1% of the extra payment, min. 1,000 crowns **
GE Money Bank Expres pjka,
Consolidate bake
5% of the extra payment, min. 1,000 crowns
Komern bank Spotlight free free of charge
LBBW Osobn a IQ pjka free of charge
mBank mPjka free of charge
Potovn spoitelna

Spotlight free

vr tylstek

free of charge

200 crowns


Quick loan, Universal personal loan, Loan consolidation

elov pjka, Pjka na kliknut

4% with a modular split

free of charge

UniCredit Bank Spotlight free free of charge (principal payment) ***
Volksbank Spotlight free free ****

Note: * salary fee for vry from 1.12.2006
** fee is not included in the number provided before 1.2.2008
or in case of refinancing in another time in SOB
*** in the case of walls of the principal payment, and a fee of 2,000
crowns for a change in contractual conditions by the client
**** in drainage cases I may have a min. 500
crowns for a change in contractual conditions by the client

Of the eleven banks monitored, only three apply for fees for early installment. They are esk spoitelna, SOB, GE Money Bank and Raiffeisenbank. By paying only a debt of debt (not the debt as a whole), condemn you to go to UniCredit Bank to pay the penalty. And the connections are not negligible. The minimum is 500 crowns and the maximum reaches several thousand crowns.

Somewhere about the fee for extraordinary payment, the type of raid he pays decides. For example, in Potovn spoiteln you do not have to pay a currency or a crown for early repayment of a debt, you have to pay a fee of 200 crowns for processing a notice of early repayment It is similar in Citibank, which allows an extraordinary repayment of personal loans free of charge. However, the Smart Loan on the card vs the same operation will cost 550 crowns (ie regardless of the length of the loan).

In the case of direct loans and clicks from Raiffeisenbank, do not apply the penalty for quick payment. However, this does not apply to Quick Loans, Universal Personal Loans and Loan Consolidation. In these cases, the extraordinary installment comes to 4% of the amount that you enter on the account against the installment calendar.

UniCredit Bank will charge an extraordinary installment only when you decide not to pay the full amount, but only its st. The reason is the violation of the payment schedule and thus forced the change of contractual conditions by the client. Pay the bank two thousand crowns for that.