They got it right, but I want to go somewhere else. There is work from home in the course

More than ever, companies must be aware of the requirements of their employees. The desire for change in employment continues to rise, even though more than half of them have received a lot during the past year.

An August staff survey by Grafton Recruitment brought such a message from employees. 40 percent of respondents are considering leaving their current job, a third of them would even like to leave work within one month, comments the summer survey among more than a thousand people, marketing manager Jitka Soukov.

One of the longest reasons for change is finance. In the current atmosphere in the labor market, companies should be interested in what motivates their employees and for what reason he moved on to other job offers. Only then will they be able to react to you and hit their people, offer Soukov.

NMS Market Research also commissioned a similar survey in August. Although there were so many people not soon employed to change, most of the respondents admitted that they had a good time. Seven out of ten respondents stated that they actively monitor job offers, even if they have employees. Half of them think that they would be better evaluated in a new job.

Especially in the age group 25 34 years, young people are aware that they are the most interested in the market. At the same time, many of them managed to gain valuable experience, for which they are willing to pay in other companies, but their current employer is reluctant to get financially rewarded, explains Kamil Kunc from NMS Market Research.

Lep podmnky si um vydobt mlad ronky

Economic expansion also affected the salary. According to the survey, the most significant increase was in households, where their income exceeded 40 thousand crowns. The first in this income category was the most frequent increase in salary, adds Kunc.

Another 48 percent of respondents got a little more. After all, only a few people decided to take a job and pay for a higher salary before the change. Only 21% of employees filed the case, and only nine percent of them left the office, enthusiasts, explains Kunc.

Particularly young people are open to frequent changes, who can get the working conditions that suit them. This was confirmed by a survey. The most likely in the contract were high-bikes in her change of age category 2534 years, adds Kamil Kunc.

Wage growth oekv 77 percent people

Although there was a lot of growth last year, a lot of employees stay in companies as a result of further improved pay. It is important for employers to know that 77 percent of respondents to our survey will see wage growth over the next two years, and 15 percent ask for more and more, according to Soukov from Grafton Recruitment.

But it’s not just pensions that keep people going elsewhere. Similarly demotivating as unsatisfactory pay is the poor organization of work and poor relationships in the workforce. Women and colleges are more likely to be demotivated by a lack of recognition, while the possibility of career growth may be limited, according to a survey by Soukov. Most often for these reasons, people who earn more than 25 thousand crowns go to a new employer.

Flexibility and working from home is on the course

People want them to enjoy their work, and therefore expect from them the flexibility associated with the possibility of working from home or a pleasant team. And because there is a lot of work and the people are small, the employer has to go out of his way to meet the needs. This also applies to debtor positions.

Flexibility is a very inflected concept for employees. Thanks to developed and available technologies, such as the Internet, mobile phones and computers, it is now possible to work from anywhere. If the workman allows it, but the management insists on a compulsory attendance to work, he loses his business points and the people think about the change, to the personnel of Tom Surka, a personnel consulting company Devire.

The desire for freedom of work has several reasons. On the one hand, a generation of lovers has been gaining a foothold in the labor market. The second important fact is low unemployment. The worker has two more opportunities to negotiate how much time it can take to work from home.

In the case of the debtor professions, the employer must again meet the requirements related to working hours. If, for example, you want to take care of your families, you are not so interested in the afternoon shift.

The company may not offer offers to employees so-called pill. And there will be a crisis, so any of the agreed benefits can be cut, warns Tom Surka. According to him, today, more than two people demand that they enjoy their work. Look for the meaning and meaning of your life. And so adequately evaluated.

Pensions are not always in the first place. Not only the salary and benefits play a big role, but also the work itself, the team and the working environment. More and more often we will encounter the fact that the hunter will choose a work that I have rated, because he requires more freedom and time for the ends, adds Tom Surka.