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It is up to you, not on a regular basis, to decide how your personal settlement will turn out with your cash register. There are several ways to dream legally. The necessary steps must be completed by the end of the year. Do you know how much to pay for taxes?


An employee with a gross income of 20 thousand crowns will pay a fee for a tax of over 30 thousand crowns, for social and health insurance another 24 thousand. I accept my aunt’s tax and insurance fees.

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Retirement benefits, mortgages, building savings and life insurance can all help you get the better. In addition, entrepreneurs can significantly influence their purchases of various equipment needed for business. All steps leading to tax reduction must be taken in this calendar year. And, as is the case with discounts provided by merchants, there are two basic ways to pass the tax from a dispute to pay a savings to the Spoen to a pension fund and to pay life insurance.

Stt favors people who themselves mind their security in st. The tax base can be changed by a maximum of 12 thousand crowns for contributions paid to the pension fund and by the same amount sent by the insurance company for life insurance. The total reduction of the tax base by 24 thousand crowns corresponds to the specific tax levy from 3600 to 7680 crowns. With the pension supplement, it is possible to transfer the fund needed once to the fund at the end of the year once and in the following period to return to the originally agreed rates.

How much uette, bad even on your income

I do not understand why the tax dispute is 1800 crowns, while my son returns for a tax of 3840 crowns, when we both pay a life insurance policy with a maximum premium, which can be deducted from the tax base, ie in the amount of 12 thousand crowns a year? ask Jaroslav Novk from Prague. Explanation is not complicated: when moving in another category of income. If the father has a deposit of up to 109 thousand crowns, his dispute will be as 15 percent of the premium.

The son probably has more income, which is why 32 percent of his 12,000 will be explained, explains tax advisor František Brabec. If you have income, vc na danch uet. The fact that all their taxes are hidden as a percentage of income, so it is not such an injustice, adds a consultant. At the end of the year, it’s time for charity. Charities with no limits are not a gift to be a foundation foundation for leukemia treatment, sports department, pop. the village in which the hunter lives, or be a contribution to a special collection account. Charity can reduce the tax base by ten percent, holding a bag of your contribution should have a document for your employer, or control from the financial system. It happens that you think that the pensions you donate to us will get back from the state in April as a tax refund. In that case, we must explain to them that they were young, explains Petr Stblo from the Czech Union for the Protection of Labor. The gift is only a gift to them, which is interesting for the crumb at the moment when he gets into the dog’s dog through him.

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Everyone, entrepreneurs and employees can dream at the last minute. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to invest in the development of their company, thus increasing the data needed to make a profit and dream of making a profit. Coincidence: in addition to them, the tax also pays contributions from social and health insurance. Employees cannot avoid paying insurance on the day they are paid, always according to the gross salary.

At the end of the year, the people did not give Christmas. And then, in the elm, grieve over high taxes. Zbyten.
tte, how to save a few thousand on the data HERE.

Do you know how much to pay for taxes? Will you take the opportunity to dream your tax base at the last minute? Drinks them with light.


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