Three pieces of advice on how to talk to your bank

If a bank advisor wants to talk about your financial holdings, you should listen carefully. For the consultant, it’s about writing sales. A few simple rules to keep in mind when talking to your bank.

You can refuse a consultation from your bank at any time if there is no need.

Dhe struggle of the banks for income has taken on bizarre forms. May I prove this thesis to you in the following case? A 66 year old woman called me last week. At this age, as you know, people should come to rest. But here there was trouble with the house bank, and the old lady sounded rather distracted on the phone. What happened? The woman lives in a small apartment in the country. She is single and receives a monthly pension of 1500 euros. There are 25,000 euros on the red savings book with the white S. In addition, she has five equity funds in a custody account, which are currently worth around 100,000 euros. Do you have any idea what is about to follow?

The manager of the Sparkasse branch set up the depot five years ago. The man meant well at the time, and the woman agreed to the investment despite the risks, because at that point she was still in wages. But now the wind has turned in the last few months. The depot was like being on a roller coaster, up and down, over and over again. The bank director has been retired for three years. The woman has been drawing her pension for two years and is worried about her money. The branch was closed a year ago. Since then there has only been one ATM in the village.