Today, it is better to just rent housing

Do you first have to change your residence and know whether to start buying real estate or give priority to renting? If you have enough disputes about buying an apartment and a house, do not hesitate. Prices are now low, especially for two “furnished” panel apartments, you could also buy appropriately.

When you have only a hundred pensions, you can co-finance the purchase in advance. “Such a combination is now ideal. Mortgage rates are still positive, but it can be expected to increase to 10 percent in two years, ”thinks Miroslav Jon of M&M reality holding.

To your own for any price

If you do not have any disputes and you would have to borrow the whole amount from the bank, you are careful to make sure you can meet such a large number. “And sweat with a reserve, because in addition to paying the purchase price, you will also have to have a pension for regular gossip of the property,” advises Ji Pcal from Central Europe Holding.

If you have problems with fulfillment in the future, you will not be able to sell your home with a mortgage and grow into a cheaper one.

Don’t start shopping, find out in advance at the bank and the building society if you can reach it at all. Banks are more than two, more thoroughly conduct the income and expenses of the applicant and the mortgage does not knock cadmium. Their conditions vary, so if you fail in one bank, try elsewhere.

And you will choose the right property, watch not only the sale prices, but also the condition of the apartment and the house and how much they come to, if necessary, put repairs. In the old apartment, sometimes it is just a matter of painting, other times it is necessary to replace your wiring or have a new apartment made – this is an investment in hundreds of thousands.

“Don’t forget to find out about regular operating costs – how much to pay in the repair fund, how much electricity, water and heating. So that you are not surprised and the seemingly cheap old apartment will not end up a new building, where energy costs and payments to the repair fund are not so high, ”recommends Jan Koubk from the development company Bemett.

No naette, try rent

If you are looking to live only for a temporary period or do not have the courage to borrow now – you can only rent an apartment and a house for fear of loss. Similarly, more people share their current situation, and so the interest in income in the Czech Republic is growing. And their prices are slowly going up here.

On the other hand, the offer is also growing, because some owners have decided to rent the apartment rather than sell it at low prices now.

When looking for a suitable property to rent, pay attention to whether the price stated in the advertisement also includes fees for services such as electricity, water and heating. Sometimes these are completely complete, other times it’s just the same. Gently make your salary in advance, also prepare your cash.

You will probably have to pay a deposit at the arrest – they will usually pay one month, just in case something is destroyed in the apartment or you are late with the payment of the rent and you left the apartment two, it was not agreed. All conditions, including the notice period, must be agreed with the landlord in advance and a written contract must be drawn up with him. It is usually closed for one year with the possibility that it can be extended.