Traffic flow through better coordination

Traffic jams on the motorways in the Rhine-Main area usually immediately cause obstructions in the localities. A new project aims to change that. For example, traffic light controls should be coordinated with one another.

Traffic jams have repercussions: the Rhine-Main area should become more bearable through better coordination.

EA new project aims to make traffic in the Rhine-Main area smoother and at the same time ensure better air. The control across the cities and municipalities should be better coordinated, as Hesse’s transport minister Tarek Al-Wazir (The Greens) and the district administrator of the Hochtaunus district, Ulrich Krebs (CDU), announced on Thursday. Almost nine million euros are flowing into the project from the federal government’s “Clean Air” funding program.

The aim is to build on the experiences of cities such as Frankfurt, Wiesbaden or Darmstadt. Because of excessively high nitrogen oxide levels in city centers, for example, they coordinated traffic light controls or adapted them to the current traffic load. For example, it is also a matter of guiding drivers to park-and-ride areas so that they don’t even drive into the city by car, but instead use buses and trains.

“In the densely populated Rhine-Main area with its heavily used road network, punctual incidents such as a broken vehicle in a town pass can very quickly have far-reaching consequences,” said Al-Wazir. Local strategies that were not coordinated with one another only shift the burden; a higher-level control system is required.

District administrator Krebs said the districts could also benefit from it. “Up to now, we had little opportunity to react to changed traffic situations in our cities, for example when the traffic load on our through-towns increased due to disruptions and traffic jams on the A66, A5 or A661.”

In a first step, strategies are to be developed in the project, and in a second step the technical prerequisites are created. The project will be implemented by IVM GmbH, which stands for Integrated Traffic and Mobility Management Region Frankfurt Rhein-Main.