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If you remember with nostalgia the time when owning a bank account was an extinction, and not a necessity, consider that it is not boring. Today, it is much more likely that you have given you a lot in return.

Today, personality is a necessity. It is certainly easy to send payments non-cash (ie from here onwards), for cash to go to the nearest ATM, do not have to look for regularly recurring payments and just forward to watch the balance.

The future client of the bank and the evil are set up voluntarily. In the same way, you are free to choose to whom he intended to shine his finances at first. This is what it should look like at first. In most cases, however, the employees of a financial house do not forget to inform about how appropriate it is to shine all their finances (including disputes and statements) only to them.

Of course, this is justified. If, for example, the bank will know after all (not only financial) pages, it will be able to offer its products often on favorable terms. In other cases, the usual approach to the client can be described as standard.

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In addition to all the two banks contacted, they confirmed that at least in connection with the batch you will have to wall in one of their branches. “For all products offered by UniCredit Bank, the client must have a current account or a personal account, their fees are valid with a valid tariff,” says Tom Pavlk, the bank’s spokesman, in his reply, and states that the only exceptions are credit cards and spoic et Plus.

“We provide mKonto for loans, mortgages and credit cards. However, the client does not have to pay a dnch fee. It is free here, ”explains Pavla Rennov, press release of mBank.

Where you can’t do without a person here
Bank Products for which it is necessary to personally et
in the bank
Msn fee for kept here
(v korunch)
Citibank Spoic et, investment from 0
esk spoitelna x from 29
UNDER Spotlight free, hypothesis free from 40
GE Money Bank Express loan, mortgage vry, revolving term deposit from 0
Komern bank Spotlight free, hypothesis free from 0
LBBW Mortgages free free of charge
mBank Spotlight free, hypothesis free, credit card free of charge
Potovn spoitelna Spotlight free from 0
Raiffeisenbank Spotlight free, hypothesis free from 0
UniCredit Bank All products of the bank (except credit cards and Plus here) from 64 *
Volksbank Mortgage vry, charge card, term deposits and investments from 0
Explanations: * for term deposits, mortgage loans and some investment products, there is a possibility of open so-called technical here free of charge (the bag cannot be used for active payment)Source: banks

While at Volksbank you also need a term here, in esk spoiteln practically not at all

You will have to deal with Volksbank if you apply for a mortgage charge payment card (you do not have a credit card for it). “Management at Volksbank is also required in the case of term deposits or deposit bills, or if the client uses investment banking products,” said iDNES.cz Petr ibid, Director of Marketing & Communication Volksbank. “In this case, I can arrange a free investment, its management is free,” he added.

Only the Czech Savings Bank and Citibank do not provide mortgages, consumer credit and credit cards conditionally maintained here. “The client will meet me from other banks. It would be easy for him to meet the bag directly from the Czech savings bank. The setting of the direct debit consent will be made by the advisor in the branch as soon as the product is negotiated, ”described Pavla Langov from the esk spoitelny press center.

At Citibank, you do not have to (as a mortgage applicant) exchange a personal account for a suitable annual rate. Otherwise, you have to wall the account only if you want to invest in securities in Citibank, or put your disputes to the savings bank (which is the bank’s current bank).