We buy life insurance step by step

esk pojiovna advertises that you can close the life insurance company for any need. The editor of MF DNES tested on her own whether employees can offer a relatively complex financial product.

Where to conclude the contract?The two doors 29, where they were supposed to sell, were closed and there were signs on them, that they could be on page 19. I thought, ha, and here it is. Sharing the door gives the window a window, maybe it’s fun. At first, it seemed just as hopeless, only trained employees close the lock and just one of them is not to me. Eventually, they sent me back to two 29, where I knocked and said that I wanted to find out about life insurance.

Tak ne: Entering a life insurance contract is not like buying bread or rolls, you should have a private and plenty of time for a counseling interview. The consultant should not give your personal details and contract details anywhere in the lobby.

So yes: Make an appointment with your meeting advisor at his office. Take the opportunity to browse the country of the company he represents, and if you want to end your case early, it is no problem to get up and leave.

For whom is life life worthwhile?Pojiovaka first asked me how much I have and how much I want to save. Slightly, for savings, when I want to insure, but it is clear to me that the offered insurance is also a suitable connection. So I answer that a dozen or so I want to pay about 1,000 and 1,500 crowns per fuse. According to the table, we find that fifty sets are too much for me. I wonder how it is possible, and I will learn that it is only possible to close up to a million crowns, which in mm corresponds to a maximum deposit of a maximum of 1,400 crowns. Composite and expensive fuses are not insured against sweat; If I wanted you so much advertised Dynamik, I would have to go elsewhere for it.

Tak ne: If you are single, childless and do not pay more or less property that you can sell in a crisis situation, it does not make sense for life. Moreover, at a time when everything is going well, the sale is completely typed goods, regardless of what the client really needs.

So yes: The seller of the life insurance company should be most interested in it, for which you want to take out insurance. A good reason is when you have someone who is dependent on your income (minor children, partner on parental leave or you in a disability pension), or when you have a mortgage and the family would not be able to pay off the installments without vs. The insurance step should be determined by the next step. So not how much I’m willing to pay, but how much I need to insure. I usually do it, but badly for the financial situation of the family.

His advisers to court?With the insurance, which is sold later, it is advisable that you remember the entire amount, none of the included pensions will be taken into account by the insurance company, and in addition it guarantees me a deposit of 2.4 percent ron. It is clear to me that this is a life insurance fund, but it is nonsense that one of the pensions would not be at risk. But I don’t mind. The employee then told me that when the seniors arrived, I would receive at least 546,721 crowns from the insurance company, and I would pay 388,800 crowns on my own. And then, as dark as it came, I didn’t like it. When I multiply the insurance premium to the city, I get 453,600 crowns. The insurance company will probably take the lost 64,800 crowns first at risk and take out the insurance first.

Tak ne: The consultant should know the product for a while. If you are confident, although I’m not right, let me know that you buy something that you don’t want or need at all.

So yes: Contact a representative of some consulting company, or directly to the selected insurance company. If you have any doubts about the advisor’s knowledge, ask him or her to submit a certificate of registration with the Ministry of Finance, where he or she will qualify. If your advisor does not sit, do not be afraid to replace him.

How high is the insurance premium?When the premium is not paid, the person in whose favor the insurance is taken out will receive almost 483,000 crowns. If I had a million money, you can buy it once again for 341 crowns a month to live. In the event of my death, the insurance company would pay another 400,000 crowns.

Tak ne: Information about reinsurance was not complete, the counselor should emphasize that reinsurance only applies to death at once. Otherwise, he left you from the pensions that you put in the stamp, he will not see anything.

So yes: In general, it is said that the insurance that the insurance company pays out to your loved ones in the event of death should not be lower than the same income. You also have a bad idea about whether your wife is a mother and in the year two she’s going to work and earn a living, or if she’s on a disability pension.

Medical condition: lht, i nelhat?I will examine how it will be with the control of my health condition, and I will learn that it is enough to fill in the questionnaire, which is part of the contract, and the insurance company will not examine anything. I don’t have to worry that I would have to go through some medical examinations, this usually applies to the elderly and insurance over a million crowns.

I wonder how much it is, or not important, that I smoke. We can tick that it doesn’t bite, conspiratorially on my binder, and add that no one checks it anyway.

In the end, he does not forget to change the other insurance bond, that he paid the insurance premium and up to 12,000 crowns deduction from the tax base. The fact that the condition is to take out the insurance within 60 years, if the bag does not work. Not even that if I changed my mind for a year or two, I wouldn’t get back or what I put in there.

Tak ne: The counselor should inform you not only about the benefits of life insurance, but also about the various risks and conditions that you must meet.

So yes: When you hide a fact about your state of health, you run the risk that the insurance company will refuse to pay your pension in the event of an insurance claim. By signing, you undertake to have filled in the truthful and complete health questionnaire, which is part of the contract.

When to sign the contract?What I appreciate, at least, is that no one will force me to sign the contract right away. It is not a problem at all when I want to take her home and simply. I get a book of business cards, and I change my mind to call him so I don’t have to wait for sweat.

Tak ne: It often happens that the advisor spch. The insurance conditions are in the form of thousands of small dense letters, over which you need to sit in peace. Do not sign the contract under pressure.

So yes: The counselor should take the contract to the house for study, and if something is not clear, let me explain it at a meeting.

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Don’t find the trick of dishonest advisors

  • Life insurance is one of the products that are of interest to consultants, they have a high commission. How to know a hunter who agrees to sign a contract only because of his rewards?
  • You will be left if you say that you have to sign the contract immediately because of the advantageous action. The bonus should not be the only reason to sign an insurance contract.

    The situation does not include a situation where the consultant does not want to give the contract a house for study.

  • Do not wait for a high appreciation, the advisor should warn you that, for example, in the case of investment life insurance, the return is not guaranteed.
  • The argument that the product will be sold in time and that clients are satisfied with it, does not say anything about whether it is good quality and whether the throw is right for vs.
  • Don’t be manipulated to sign the contract by the advisor coming to the second meeting with the paid invoice. data for accelerated.
  • The health counselor may not advise you to fall for anything in the health questionnaire.
  • It is better to arrange a meeting with the connector either directly in his office or on neutral ground. When you invite him home, you run the risk of signing a contract just to get rid of it.
  • Do not be asked by the advisor, you will be honored to be honored and will be unpleasantly rejected.