What corporate card here?

In the offer of banks for corporate clients and entrepreneurs, there can also be payment cards in addition to the package of services. Some cards are the same as for non-business clients. Jin are intended only for natural persons-entrepreneurs or first-time persons. Payment cards are always available for a specific company here. So how’s the offer?

Credit card

Visa and MasterCard cards are offered for the business team, namely the Maestro and VISA Electron electronic cards, which can be used for payment at the store, if it is connected to an online payment terminal or for cash withdrawals. They cannot be handcuffed to make online payments. According to the bank, they issue embossed VISA Classic and Mastercard Standard cards, or a case with the Business attribute. Some banks also have American Express and Diners Club cards.

Electronic payment cards

The advantage of the international payment cards Maestro and VISA Electron is, in comparison with embossed cards, especially their low purchase price, resp. ron fee. The fee for these cards ranges from 200 to 500 K ron. If the entrepreneur is included in the package of services, the fee is included in the price.

Of course, the electronic card cannot be used with a merchant who is not connected to the online payment terminal and therefore you cannot make payments via the Internet. The Maestro and VISA Electron cards are not only intended for entrepreneurs. Most banks offer this card to their clients.

Karty embosovan

Embossed cards create an overwhelming amount in the offer of banks for corporate clients. The bank thus offers its clients comfort and a wider range of services (more accepted cities, insurance when traveling abroad, etc.). As with previous cards, banks usually do not charge fees for their issuance, but for the maintenance. An exception is e.g. Raiffeisenbank, which does not charge anything for keeping the card, but unlike other banks, the client pays for it, or GE Money Bank, which charges the card fee.

Bank Maestro VISA Electron
Citibank 250 K born
esk spoitelna born 200 K
UNDER 200 K 200 K
eBanka 340 K 340 K
GE Money Bank 360 K* born
HVB Bank 300 K born
Komern bank 200 K 200 K
Potovn spoitelna born 200 K
Raiffeisenbank 450 K 450 K
Volksbank 200 K born
ivnostensk bank born 280 K

Note: * put in the table is a sum in one year

Source: banks

VISA Classic and MasterCard Standard are embossed cards with the lowest management fees, or issuance. These fees are known at individual institutions, ranging from 450 K at Raiffeisenbank to 2,000 K at Citibank. The advantage over both the Maestro and VISA Electron karts is that these cards can be used to pay far in the sweat of commercial cities. Depending on this type of card, you can also get services such as travel insurance or AMK assistance services. So these cards are offered to both companies and citizens…)

Bank VISA Classic MasterCard Standard
Citibank 1 900 K born
UNDER 500 K 500 K
eBanka 740 K 740 K
GE Money Bank born 684 K*
HVB Bank 600 K 600 K
Potovn spoitelna 500 K 500 K
Raiffeisenbank 450 K 450 K
Volksbank 600 K 600 K
ivnostensk bank 900 K born

Note: * the data in the table is kept by the sum for one year

Source: banks

Entrepreneurs are offered three prestigious VISA Gold and MasterCard Gold payment cards, as well as companies. The bank offers prestigious cards with many services and high daily limits to citizens, natural persons-entrepreneurs and first-time persons. However, it is necessary to have sufficient funds for the bank to issue it to the applicant. Of course, with the card, the owner offers it not only travel insurance for himself and his family, but also the first protection of DAS, also insurance against theft or loss of the card, and thus the possibility of only various discount programs and the club.

Overview of gold cards and their fee and convenience

Cards for business only

As the name suggests, cards with the name Business are intended only for entrepreneurs and corporate clients of banks (first-time persons). Business cards are offered by all banks on the market, but only from one of the associations, VISA or MasterCard. VISA Business and MasterCard Business are charged from 1,400 K to 3,200 K. Komern banka offers clients a Business Silver Card for 3,500 K. The VISA Gold Business gold card can be obtained for CZK 3,700 from a business bank and CZK 4,000. u esk spoitelny.

Bank VISA Business MasterCard Business
Citibank 2 900 K born
esk spoitelna 1 500 K 1 500 K
UNDER 2 400 K 2 400 K
eBanka 3 200 K 3 200 K
HVB Bank 3 000 K 3 000 K
Komern bank 3 500 K born
Potovn spoitelna 2 400 K 2 400 K
Raiffeisenbank 1 400 K 2 800 K
Volksbank 2 000 K 2 000 K
ivnostensk bank 2 500 K born

Note: * put in the table is a sum in one year

In the offers of banks are not always only in the mentioned cards. Some banks name cards for entrepreneurs and corporate clients by differentiating them from cards for retail clients. Pat between n nap. ivnostensk banka, which offers VISA Professional and Advantage cards and, according to Komern banka, with its Dynamic and Prestige Cards. In both cases, it is a standard electronic and embossed card with only a changed name.

Which one to choose?

If you decide which of the services to choose, you should not miss the type and specific conditions of the payment card. In time, you wonder if the first offered payment card suits you, or if it would not pay off if you would ask for another card at its price (or if it is not even appropriate to look for another package).

In particular, when deciding between an electronic and an embossed payment card, take into account the fact that the electronic card, which is usually significantly cheaper than embossed, will immediately block the bank against misuse in the event of loss or theft. For embossed cards, there is a slight risk of misuse (when paying with an imprinter, no PIN authorization is required) and, in addition, the stoplist and the issue of a new sculpture are associated with your fees.

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