When paying for a mortgage, you bet on declining premiums. Vrazn uette

A mortgage is a long-term relationship and it is not enough to cover the period of fulfillment whether it is a suitable life insurance. If you are on the mortgage yourself, it can happen that the bank will take out life insurance policies after all.

It is certainly dark for the case that the sale of real estate in the event of a dead debt would not cover the entire long debt. For a forty-year-old man, the insurance for half a million crowns and 20 years ranges from 400 to 800 crowns per month, badly for a specific connection.

Taking out insurance for a mortgage is useful in a situation where you know that yours would not be able to meet their income and could stay without a roof over their heads.

The insurance will be paid to the bankThe insurance company is closed in favor of the bank with which you have a loan, and if the country is a long debtor, the insurance company takes over the bundle. Banks are trying to motivate debtors to take out life insurance at a suitable annual rate, but discounts are negligible. Raiffeisenbank will get you a mortgage 0.1 percent cheaper with your life.

You bet on declining premiumsOn a life-threatening life insurance policy, you can take out a policy with a declining fuse. The death insurance policy for them copies the unpaid mortgage rate and kadoron falls.

And the insurance companies also offer other benefits – such as not paying all the time. In the case of a million-dollar raid, he would only pay him 12 years out of twenty insured for a declining insurance premium at Generali, and it would cost him a total of 56,016 crowns. On the other hand, the insurance policy, which would be at the rate of pl million for the entire period, will be valid for the entire 20 years and in the sum, the insurance company would give 145,680 crowns from his pocket. the dispute of 90,000 crowns is definitely not negligible.

Combination: you can, but you don’t have to spendThose interested in a mortgage are also offered a combination of a life insurance and a mortgage. The condition is that you buy a related product, where the help of a dispute over the insurance of mortgage payments, incl. However, experts are very critical of these products. The combination has been wrong since the arrest and was created only because the commission from the mortgage and the life bond are among the highest, comment the so-called combi consultants, who do not want to be named.

How combi workThe principle is simple at first glance. Together with the mortgage, you start one of the types of life insurance with a connection. At all times, you pay the bank only one year from the mortgage and at the same time spend on life insurance. At the end of the mortgage’s maturity, the loan is repaid in one installment from the insurance dispute. In the optimal case, not only cover the vr, but go to some kind of pension will remain.

Banks state that the combination of investment life insurance is intended for rich clients who do not arrive in mortgage payments and have to go to a certain financial reserve. In the sum, you pay more for the monthly payment of the mortgage and insurance, not if you only paid incl.

For ten years the combination has no priceThe condition for a possible hurry of the combination, according to the banks, is for the debt to meet for a long period of time, at least 20 years. And the ride would have to achieve a higher appreciation, life is not the year of the mortgage – at least 6 percent of the year.

What is very unlikely even when taking into account tax benefits for capital life insurance, but even for investment life insurance such a high return cannot be guaranteed. There are returns on investment, but you also have the development of the political situation and its impact on the tax levy or the changeover to the euro.

If in the furnace only a better combination comes out of the model sweat, the pipette decides to go for an insurance policy, which is called the payment of insurance premiums. In case you find yourself in a full disability pension, the insurance company will pay for it itself. Only a year from the mortgage will remain on vs, points out Ivo Balon from Fincentrum.cz.

Daov entrances are vytrcejBanks also advertise the possibility of tax returns. The client has paid the insurance premium and at the same time years from the mortgage, which will remain the same high at all times – they do not decrease as in the case of an annuity payment. This, however, somewhat loses its charm due to tax reforms – people with high revenues due to unified tax rates at 15 percent un mn.

When does the combination (not) pay off?

We compared a mortgage combined with an investment life insurance with a classically fulfilled home loan, which is supplemented by a risk life insurance. Sign minus the sign, if the input is obyejn mortgage, mark plus na opak, if the input is a combined product.

He is 35 years old, earns 25,000 K gross, mortgage 1,000,000 K

Entry Fuse maturity 20 let           30 let5 %          -528 456       -182 6166 %          -366 031      +287 0787 %          -183 129      +712 707

Note: we covered the mortgage with an annual rate of 5.22% ron and we took into account the tax levies for years from the raft to the housing