Whoever gets bitter in the delay, the investment is not ripe, to the analyst

A number of people are trying to spend enough pensions, net from paycheck to payroll and create reserves. Only a few people in the Czech Republic are involved in investing. Is that so for that? And how to follow the rules so that the investment is not a waste? Not only these questions are answered by Marek Brvnk, macroeconomic analyst at Golden Gate.

All of them are interested in how to value their pensions and their assets. Pesto makes two preferences for conservative spoens, which do not develop much. m do you explain it?I see in it a certain persistence in myth and, of course, a piece of natural human comfort. Looking for new opportunities, getting acquainted with them, reassessing risks and potentiating potential inputs is a lot of work. Today, few people have time and enthusiasm to study after returning from the employment of financial markets and changes in their condition. So you better buy what my neighbor has.

What do you think discourages people from investing? Ignorance, fear of risk, that the two of them came true? What ns in that brakes? Actually, a little. It’s very tight. Ignorance is often the result of loss. And the loss then reminds us that there are some risks. In the day of society, however, the main value is security, even if we have to give up personal freedoms because of it. Also, if there is no guarantee, and there is even a risk, we prefer not to deny it at all. The fact that the risk exists even in the case of guaranteed products is actually ignorance and the circle closes.

But is it an investment for anyone? Who wouldn’t you recommend investing in? I would definitely not recommend investing in those who are not interested in their own reason to examine the circumstances of the investment. It’s not that they could issue or sell. The point is that investing is more and less an active way of managing assets. If we see it only as a way to get rich, we will never be satisfied with the results. Even in the case of profit, the income will not be large enough. We will not go rich. It’s the same with Goethe’s Faust. He made an agreement with ert that he would have what he wanted, but he would never be satisfied with it.

And who, according to vs, is ripe for investment? The rest. Those who are ready to realize that no one will make a profit. And even a loss is just one lost battle. When is zav. If we suffer from a delay, we are not ready for investment. As the word suggests, it is a long-term activity.

To what age does it make sense to invest? Which life moments play a role in this?I am deeply convinced that investing makes sense at any age. It’s just a matter of choosing the right strategy, which always depends on many factors. Of course not at all. According to, for example, the condition of your finances, ie how you have debts, what is your investment goal, whether property protection, savings, retirement reserve, secure offspring, etc., how sensitive are you to volatility (investment), what is your aversion to loss, etc.

At what age did you start investing and what did that mean?Personally, I consider long distance to be one of the best investments. In other words, I personally started investing relatively early, or I always learned as a potential potent. If we limited ourselves to working with the property portfolio, I started investing especially passively, sometime around 2008. When the crisis from the USA reached and above, I realized a huge potential for profit, especially where you are uninformed. The lesson from this period for me is that with the right composition of the portfolio it is possible to make money in any economic scene and the crisis in 2008 was the last one on which I did not significantly evaluate my portfolio.

How are you the type of investor? Can you take a risk?Yes, as part of a woman’s own investment, I can take risks. A term that can take a risk does not mean that I am taking a risk. The main emphasis is on the word umm. zen psobcch rizika is not what you risk. For my clients, I always choose the path that meets their needs and clm.

It is important that when investing, you need to control your emotions. How emotions are the way for a small investor to be sure to lose?Greed and fear. These are the two strongest emotions when investing.

But how to tame greed and fear? Do you have any instructions?The best guide is to create a quality investment strategy in peace (!) With a balanced mix of zen risks and potential returns. And then, if you are not a professional investor, don’t look at the charts! This is very important. If you do not have mastered the mechanisms of investment breeding, it can increase the amount of stress and excess information in the barrel. Therefore, the investment strategy is built lpe at ease. In stress, we are not able to reasonably think and make up for the mistakes.

Did it happen that you ever had to tame yourself when investing? Of course, we are all just people and from time to time we succumb to emotions and misrepresentations. Sometimes you have a lot of discipline to follow the rules, and they are generally valid, or your own. It takes some time before the hunter learns to stay calm, learn from mistakes and be alert.

How basic rules should any reasonable investor follow in order for the investment to make a profit?I consider it absolutely necessary not to stick to established stereotypes. A typical example is the constant investment in current bonds. We don’t want to think so much about the changing trends that we prefer to prolong the habit. The loss of investment potential is probably unknown. I consider the longest rules not to avoid changes at any cost, but to react to them. Be interested in the risks and benefits to look for and in what is left after they are excluded or oeten. And most importantly to use common sense. We have not overcome this long-term refined economic models for a long time.