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Zatmco jet za leton rok zskte sporu a 3 840 korun, po reform to bude dky zmn vpotu dan maximln 1 800 korun.

The tax advantageously applies only to insurance policies, for which you have asked for capital and flexible investments. The condition is that the contract will be written in full, that it will be concluded by the year when it will be six years old, and that it will last at least five years.

Kolik uette nyn…levu na danch, ie how many songs msn uette, you can spend yourself. For a basic orientation, let’s present a table in which three monthly payments for insurance premiums in the amount of 100, 500 and 1,000 crowns per month and a dispute according to the salary are listed.

Now you still have a salary, you have a salary, darken you. If you belong to the lowest tax dog and the income is given by twelve percent, you will pay 1,440 crowns when using the maximum monthly deduction of 12,000 crowns per year. Msn vm pak pibude 120 korun istho. Who has a high income and belongs to the group of people who give twenty percent, an account and 3 840 crowns a year.

… And how it will be after the reformsFive years thanks to a uniform fifteen percent tax account for the same insurance payments, all the same. This means a flow of 1,800 crowns with a maximum deduction of 12,000 crowns per year, 150 msn. As the table shows, while those who now have a salary of up to 15,000, spend on it, people with a salary above 30,000 and less than half.

Because the tax will be settled back every year, you will take the left “again” and in the spring of 2009, when you will pay the tax evenly for the year 2008.

the dispute is not out of reachPlease note that you can only deduct from the tax deposit the amount you pay for life insurance. If you insist on going to disability once as part of your insurance, this will not be deducted from your tax. For example, if you pay less than 1,000 crowns and of which 100 crowns are insured once, you can only get 10,800 crowns a year.

Find out the exact amount each year for the confirmation that the insurance company will send to you during January.

In the event of early termination of the contract, you will replenishIf you decide to terminate the insurance contract two, before the expiration of the period for which it was originally agreed, you will have to return the applicable tax dispute. In practice, this will take place in such a way that in the following tax return you state as income all the income that you have read as income in previous years. And then follow the tax. “If you did not keep the confirmation from the insurance company and do not know how much you actually read, the insurance company sent you the total amount for the issue,” cleans my company Marek Vch from the Kooperativa insurance company.

Entrance for deputiesInteresting is life insurance for people for whom the employer adds to the pension insurance above the wage limit. The account allows the employees to contribute to the insurance company and eight thousand crowns. These are pensions that neither he nor you have to pay. You can get and 666 crowns of the same msn.

According to Jiho Krle z esk pojiovny, the largest contributors are the companies, which have about 20 and 30 employees, with their increasing sweat, the contributions are decreasing, the average in the contribution is 5,200 crowns per year.

Just because the employer contributes to the insurance, going does not mean that you will succeed first. Some companies make the condition conditional on the fact that you will have an insurance agreement with the chosen insurance company. Although it is not very ethical, you can just simplify the administration and have a commission from the insurance commission, but such a procedure does not limit it in any way. You should rather ask your employer before arranging insurance. In addition, keep in mind that you will change your job after a few years, but you will have to pay the insurance for a long time. It usually closes for twenty years, and that’s a pretty long time.

Daov record■ the employer contributes to me and 8,000 crowns a year, which neither he nor the employee gives■ when I save unlimited, I can deduct a maximum of 12,000 crowns from the tax deposit, and thus dream of the tax deposit■ the insurance must be taken out and paid for a period of at least five years and the payment of the insurance benefit must be agreed at the earliest in the year when the insurance company will be 60 years old.■ if the insurance policy has an agreed insurance premium for doit, this insurance must be CZK 70,000 for contracts longer than 15 years, CZK 40,000 for contracts from 5 to 15 years■ when the client terminates the life insurance policy, he must deliver it

Rada MF TODAYTake full advantage of the dispute. If you want to deduct the maximum from the tax deposit, pay at least a thousand msn on the deposit. Payment for connection risks, such as one or another illness, is not affected by the levies on the tax.