You can also refuel with the help of an ATM

According to statistics, there are non-smokers and ATMs in the Czech Republic. Provide cash, top up mobile phone credit, pay and bills. With their help, however, you can also refuel or pay a pension. And the banks are fulfilling the superstructure offer.

The history of ATMs in the Czech Republic dates back only twenty years. The first ATM at Wenceslas Square in Prague was installed by esk spoitelna and allowed only bank employees to withdraw cash. Today, the ATM is only 3.5 thousand in Czech Republic, it serves the general public and everything you can buy through them would be imagined by few.

Cash withdrawal, offer vc

Although the vast majority of transactions made through ATMs are cash withdrawals, banks and their clients turn their attention elsewhere. A simple device for retirement is thus changed in the so-called multifunctional device.

It’s no surprise to anyone that in the “pension machine” we pay vouchers, get the credit of all mobile operators, find out the balance of ours here, change the PIN for the cards, know when the card expires, and we can get back from the “world” bank.

Today, however, you can also come across various ATM superstructures. As an example, we can mention a fifty ATM esk spoitelny, which can withdraw cash even for the blind. This is done by a voice, which is heard by the blind in the branch with the headphones on.

ATMs by bank
Bank Poet bankomat Depozitn bankomaty ATMs
Citibank 11 x x
esk spoitelna 1 171 2 1
Potovn spoitelna
680 1 1
GE Money Bank 608 1 x
Komern bank 673 x x
LBBW x x x
mBank x x x
Raiffeisenbank 120 x x
UniCredit Bank 60 55 4
Volksbank 60 x x
Source: Banks

This year’s hit will be deposit ATMs

This year’s hit, not a novelty on the banking market, is probably the so-called mine or deposit ATMs. That is, ATMs that can also deposit cash. Five ATMs are currently offering services to us.

UniCredit Bank’s ATMs, which acquired the entire ATM together with the original operator – the Trade Bank, have no history. At present, these ATMs have a lot of money.

The second financial house with deposit ATMs is esk spoitelna. She launched the project as a test room last July. Today you can deposit pensions in only two of its ATMs (out of a total of almost 1,200). During this year, however, their number should increase, according to the bank’s week.

Other banks that either have or are secretive about the functionality of their ATMs, among other things, about the possibility of depositing pensions are HSBC, GE Money Bank (testing the first deposit ATM at the Flora branch in Prague) and most recently SOB with Potovn spořitelna (the first ATM with This year, the bank installed the possibility of a deposit in a burrow in the financial center of Potovn spoitelna in Revolun Street in Prague). He gave ATMs with the possibility of deposit appearing on the crack of the SOB branch in the shopping center ern Most and in Ostrava Hollarov street. It should be followed by cities all over the Czech Republic.

The tankomat project is starting slowly but surely

For a year or so, so-called tankomats operate. These are vending machines, which instead of withdrawing and depositing cash, mediate the customer and the motorist to refuel in one person only with the use of a payment card. You can find them only in a few towns in the Czech Republic, but you can’t miss them. There is an error in the service. These are paid by means of tankomats located next to the fuel racks.

First, insert your payment card into the so-called tankomat and select the slot for which you want to refuel. Then draw up to the selected financial value.

This model works, for example, at the Tank & Go erpac station in Prhonice. It is operated by the joint-stock company WAG mineral fuels, and the card transactions are provided by the first Czech savings bank.

UniCredit Bank also operates tankomats at those filling stations. According to a press spokesman for the bank, Tom Pavlek, the refueling machine at TRAKO, spol. s ro, and Slavin.

A year later, last year in June, a new product appeared in our country, a multimedia tank machine. For the time being, one Pap Oil filling station in Bohdaleck Street in Prague 10 took part in the pilot operation. Gradually, its distribution in the whole area of ​​Pap Oil stations in our country.

The concept of the equipment will allow, in addition to tanking, a number of other functions. For example, recharging mobile phones, information about the weather and traffic situation on the chosen route, or even such services as the possibility of cashless bank transfers and recharging future debt coupons.

The device itself, with its design, reminds you of an ATM, and the control bag works via a touch screen. The principle is the same as for “old” tankomat – the payment itself is a process with so-called pedautorizac. So you will not leave this pump without paying.