You can still pay at some fees at the bank today

Fees for clients of bank defects, but often they are not willing to change anything. The way to disputes, moreover, does not have to enter only by answering and canceling services. The opposite makes me even cheaper. This is how some discount bank programs work.

For a single stake, banks offer clear packages and a variety of “free” services, discounts on fees and years, or rewards for paying by credit card.

If you are not satisfied with any change in benefits and just wait for something extra, consider that you will be hungry for further discounts to satisfy.

Of the eleven banks contacted, they do not provide discounts on fees for maintaining three payment cards – LBBW, Volksbank and WSPK, and then go to mBank, which provides basic services to its clients free of charge. “At mKonto, the client does not actually pay anything, just as the credit card is free at mBank. For this reason, we do not even have any packages or discounts for the event, ”said Pavla Rennov, a spokesman for the bank.

In other banks, the situation is different.

“In the event that the client actively uses the banking service, in a significant way it simplifies the concept of consumer credit and automatically increases the appropriate conditions for mortgage credit,” she described the situation in Komern bankher presses are spoken by Monika Klucov.

Citibank He will be able to reduce the fees for keeping his money here only, his average balance on all common things, savings here, term deposits and investments here for the monthly currency will exceed 500,000 crowns. In such a case, the client has an account for the maintenance of less than 299 crowns, or in the long term, the bank maintains his account free of charge.

Further discounts can only be achieved if you have and use a Citibank credit card. In Norway, the bank launched its Citi Club discount program, which guarantees purchases of 5 and 25 percent. You just have to shop with the first businesswoman. At the moment, only seventeen partners from various fields are involved in the program.

esk spoitelna has been offering since August 2007 as its main product for small clients Osobn et. If you are its owner today, you will most likely have fees due to the so-called Benefit Program. Own activity (ie inside here), or the so-called balance sheet total (sum of values ​​of current balances of all deposit and equal products of the Finann group of the bank) can provide a discount on the monthly fee from 10 to 100%. At a discount of 10%, there is at least one down payment and two in any way put transactions into the msce.

The owner of the esk spoitelny payment card with the designation Partner will also reach out to the left of the purchases. Just as in the case of Citibank, you only have to shop at merchants included in the program. The discount on the purchase price is provided to him immediately (and 15%). The optional Sphere program for Smart Cards (ie credit) works similarly. The bag provides discounts between 5 and 30 percent on the purchase.

Drek for payments with the S payment card I can also exchange the card holder for the points, which has been included in the so-called Bonus program. As a result, each purchase is paid with a S card, converted to points and paid to the point balance. According to the sweat, the points earned will then choose rewards according to the catalog.

You got an average balance on bnm here in GE Money Bank vm so you can ensure a nice discount. It is kept here for free. The bag must have more than 40 or more stored at nm. 250 thousand crowns.

However, GE Money Bank issued a rather interesting way in the case of payment cards. At the end of each month, the cardholder may pipe 0.5% of the volume of all his payments made with the card in the given period. Payments on the Internet or at the store are required.

Discounts on the bene + credit card work in a similar way. Its owner will collect at least 1% of the value of the transaction back with each purchase. However, the program partner’s rewards (ie refund of pensions) reach up to 10%.

Potovn spoitelna At present, the bottom of the campaign on common technologies, even this one The financial situation allows a certain levy from fees and prices when paying with her payment cards.

From last year, all clients have the opportunity to refuel at EuroOil filling stations with a discount of 40 halls per liter. Of course, only if you pay with the Potovn spoitelny payment card.

For other credit card holders, there is the so-called Loyalty Program. When paying for the purchase, pay 1 point for each 50 crowns spent. You only have to spend at least 250 crowns for the bank to score points. You can then exchange them for kites from the catalog.

Raiffeisenbank offer two loyalty programs. “If a client spends at least CZK 3,000 with an msn card, they will be charged free of charge in the given msci. The second option is the Exclusive program. The client for the payment by card collects points, which he then exchanges for goods and discount coupons, ”he described the possibilities of how to charge Tom Kofro’s speech on the fees of the press.

According to him, he said that the owner of eKonto when fulfilling the loyalty conditions, e.g. I receive a fixed amount of 20,000 crowns msn, I get a whole range of services for free.