You have to pay for the entries from here. Glue is the electronic way

You can also pay for the fees associated with the management here by having the entries sent electronically to the city of traditional paper delivery by sweat. With the vast internet, more customers decide for this. Only two Czech banks will not offer this option.

Entries are a standard set of bank packages

Domestic banks have a statutory obligation to inform their clients about the status and movements in their management. However, the form does not precisely define the form of the so-called entry. It imposed on the bank the only obligation to provide information on the status here at least once a year.

Banks usually make their clients’ entries much more often, usually more often. The exceptions are not sent after each movement (ie daily), weekly, weekly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually. So all you have to do is choose the frequency that best suits your specific needs (both time and money). Be careful when choosing cautions. The salary here is pm mra between tm, how often you get the entries, and their price. Price entry with frequency incr.

However, most domestic financial stocks do not only sell separate ones, but also those with a number of related services – so-called packages. Submit entries with them for one price. You can now choose whether you prefer their delivery by electronic or classic sweat.

Two domestic banks cannot deliver an entry from another bank and then sent to their clients. These are Citibank, which does not yet offer electronic entries at all, and UniCredit Bank, where only entrepreneurs who use internet banking receive an electronic entry. Therefore, it is not possible to exchange paper entries electronically in these banks.

Charges for this can be made electronically

If you prefer to write in electronic form, get free entries. This is either for personal products offered by personal creators, or to be conducted separately.

However, you can pay the fee in the Czech savings bank, if you own a savings bank. It will be for a written entry. Rate in 5 crowns at the frequency of the first week and msn. the quarterly entry then costs 12 crowns, the semi-annual (electronic) costs 24 crowns and for a year, even electronically only, you pay 48 crowns.

Somewhat differently, there are two electronic entries SOB. “There is nothing to pay for electronic entries sent once to a msn client. On the contrary, it is advantageous against a situation where he would not have his entries sent later. The price of the package is 10 crowns less with electronic entries, ”said Irena Zatloukalov from SOB’s external communication for

Elektronick vpisy
Bank Fees Sun frequency Where about el. enter file Uznvn el. enrollment jinch bank
esk spoitelna free * T, M, , P, R poboka, IB year
UNDER 10 crowns discount from the price of balk M poboka year
GE Money Bank free of charge D, T, M, poboka, IB year
Komern bank free of charge D, T, M poboka, IB year
LBBW free of charge D, M poboka, IB confirmed by the bank
mBank free of charge M, R IB automatically confirmed by the bank
Potovn spoitelna free of charge D, T, M poboka, psemn, call centrum year
Raiffeisenbank free of charge D, T, M, , P, R poboka, IB year
UniCredit Bank** free of charge D IB only support
Volksbank free of charge D, T, M, , P, R poboka, IB year
Source: Banks
Vysvtlivky: D – denn, T – tdenn, M – msn, – tvrtletn, P – pololetn, R – ron
Notes: * fee for made for sporoirov t according to the frequency of the default
** offer only within BusinessNet to entrepreneurs

There are usually no problems with the recognition of electronic entries

You don’t have to go between entries sent by sweat or electronically. In addition, if the only reason for you to stick with those traditions, there were doubts about their recognition, feel free to search electronically.

We asked a number of banks if the bank’s electronically sent entries (eg printed on the home printer) caused their clients any problems.

In practice, the Czech Social Security Administration does not require a prior entry from the client’s bank. An exceptional case could be the situation when checking the payments of the insured person separately, where the control authorities would find ambiguities. In this case, the submission of a letter from the client could be a valuable document in electronic form, as received from the bank, “replied Alena Frakov from the press department of the SSZ.

This was also confirmed by Tom Kofro, a spokesman for Raiffeisenbank. “Our clients both encounter problems with small, local orders, for example when proving payment in a round,” said Kofro. The entries should be provided with an electronic signature, which does not comply with the LBBW entries.

And what does it look like in banks, which often in connection with enough about the mortgage, in addition to the entry from the bank, require the applicant here? Do not make an electronic entry in LBBW, mBank and UniCredit Bank. LBBW and mBank must therefore submit an entry confirmed by the bank. UniCredit Bank accepts electronic entries only as a supplementary document in the case of a small entrepreneur.

Other banks accept electronic entries without any problems. Only in case of doubt admit that you reserve the first time to issue a confirmation of income from the client on your own formula.