Your house against my apartment

Older homeowners want less living space, families need more space. The solution can be very simple.

Has the house got too big in old age?

Whe buys his own home and wants to settle in it permanently. But sooner or later there comes a time when living conditions change, so that your own property may no longer meet your needs. Be it because the children are out of the house and the living space appears to be much too generous to the remaining parents and the care of the garden that goes with it becomes too arduous with increasing age.

Or be it that a young family is expecting more children and the previous condominium will therefore be too small in the long run. In such cases change is appropriate.

However, finding a new property is a challenge. Not just because real estate prices have skyrocketed and the market is teeming with competitors. But also because many people who want to move do not want to advertise their property on the market as long as they have no prospect of new accommodation themselves. When looking for a suitable solution, homeowners can now take a new path: It involves a real estate swap.


The idea is impressively simple: if one owns what the other would like to have (and vice versa), then the simplest thing is to ensure that both parties learn about each other: in the hope that they will find their properties mutually attractive and want to swap. This is how an online platform was created in Austria. It is called “” and a whole range of properties – including holiday apartments – as well as properties from all over Europe and a few more are offered on it. A manageable number of German exchange requests can also be found on the portal.

Especially in metropolitan areas like Hamburg and Munich, brokers are now trying to bring property owners together and encourage them to swap. The easiest way is through brokerage offices, which have their own online platform where anyone can register with the property they have to offer and an idea of ​​what they are looking for instead. “People meet there who don’t dare to put their properties on the market,” says Thomas Aigner, Managing Director of Aigner Immobilien. The broker activated his swap exchange just a few weeks ago and has already 150 registered users in the Munich metropolitan area.

It is not easy for young families and older couples

A real estate swap seems suitable for all those who shy away from publicly advertising their property without first having a suitable new place to stay. The reluctance can also have economic reasons: Because sometimes the money from the sale of the previous property is necessary in order to be able to finance something new. Young, growing families and older couples in particular have a hard time with credit institutions. Families usually have little capital reserves, with senior citizens it is not clear whether they have enough time left to pay off their debts from current income. The problem is largely eliminated when swapping property.

Take part!  The series “New Houses” is looking for candidates again

Take part! The series “New Houses” is looking for candidates again

The popular series of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung and the FAZ.NET editorial team starts for the eighth time. This year, too, we are looking for new residential buildings from private builders that impress with their architectural quality and a coherent concept.

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Whereby the term “exchange” is not entirely correct: Strictly speaking, it is a matter of buying and selling. Ordinary sales contracts are concluded and the usual costs are incurred: real estate transfer tax, notary fees and commissions for the broker who arranged the exchange. The amount is based on the current market value of the residential property. Therefore, when exchanging, it does not matter whether the properties have the same value or not.