Ziemiak believes the Greens push against new highways for “spinning”

The Green Top is against the further construction of the Autobahn 49 in Hesse. In addition, when planning motorways and federal highways, it should be checked whether they are necessary and compatible with climate targets. Union and SPD reject the demand.

Participants in a bicycle demonstration drive on the blocked A 49: They are protesting against the planned expansion of the motorway

Dhe initiative by the Greens to stop new motorways and federal highways met with sharp criticism from the CDU. “The alien spinning mills” of the Greens “top” mean nothing more than the uncoupling of people in rural areas, “said CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak the newspapers of the editorial network Germany. “We need planning acceleration instead of green construction stops for roads and motorways.” For many regions, fast and modern traffic routes are “an important and necessary lifeline,” emphasized Ziemiak. With the demand for a building moratorium, the Greens again showed themselves to be a “party to prevent and oppose”. An immediate construction stop would “cement traffic jams on our roads and cause considerable environmental damage,” warned SPD traffic spokeswoman Kirsten Lühmann.

When planning motorways and federal highways, the Greens are calling for a fundamental check to be made as to whether they are necessary and compatible with climate targets. In addition, the party speaks out against the controversial expansion of Autobahn 49 in Hesse. “The expansion of the A49 is wrong in terms of transport, environmental and climate policy,” the Greens said on Sunday on Twitter. “We need a different transport policy,” said party leader Annalena Baerbock of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” (SZ).

“Alien spinning mills”: CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak on the initiative of the Greens: Image: EPA

Again and again there were protests against the extension of the A49. Because for this purpose trees are to be felled on several hectares in the Herrenwald and in the nearby Dannenröder Forest. The first clearing work began on Thursday. According to the organizers, more than 5,000 people demonstrated on Sunday against the construction of the A49, which should better connect Kassel and Giessen with each other after closing the gap. The police spoke from 1,500 to 2,000 participants. The federal government should “stop now” the construction project, Baerbock told the SZ.

In Hesse, the Greens rule in a black-green coalition with the CDU. State Transport Minister Tarek Al-Wazir does not endorse the project, but as minister he has to implement it. For this he was repeatedly criticized.

Image: FAZ

The new FDP General Secretary Volker Wissing criticized the Greens for the nationwide advance. “The green road blockade calls into question the free movement of goods and people in Europe,” he wrote on Twitter. The parliamentary group leader of the Left in the Hessian state parliament, Janine Wissler, said via Twitter that the Greens in Hesse had asked the state government in 2014 in a joint application with the CDU to lobby the federal government for the financing of the A49.